The Rain

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

It was raining outside, droplets hammering down on the window. Each one clattered against the glass in an oddly insistent rhythm. She leaned against the cool surface, her eyes following the drops on their journey. She watched as one rivulet tapped another and they joined and began a new path.

That path stretched out onwards, snatching up other droplets as it went past. With each droplet it connected with, it changed its course slightly. It weaved and never seemed to go the way she expected. Occasionally it would be disturbed by a falling drop of water or another water rivulet would merge and they would start yet another journey together.

She watched as it finally slipped out of view, onto the window sill. The drip became a puddle sitting on the white frame.

The sound of a car pulling up snapped her to attention. She looked past the running droplets and their connections, and saw a grey sedan pull up. He stood at the door, glanced back. Their eyes met.

For a moment, the rain seemed to pause, clearing long enough for them to gaze at each other. It was as if he hesitated. She stood, her heart hammering in time with the falling rain. She blinked.

Two droplets merged. They streamed down the window, in a glorious line.

He turned away, closed the door, and the car drove off.

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