Part Five

Photo by Jimmy Musto on Unsplash

The Dog had never really understood cars. The running joke was that he used everyone else’s extra lives. Looking at how things turned out, it seemed pretty true. I watched the Jeep screech to a halt as blurs streamed towards us.

I snapped back into The Dog and felt a sudden yank around the collar. There were strange sounds being directed at us and I could smell the stress coming off in waves, but also the scent of relief. Finding the nice smell wasn’t important right now, the human clearly needed us.

We trotted happily along after them, enjoying the smell of their relief. It was somewhat at odds with the frustration and fear coming off them, but overall The Dog considered it a good adventure. I didn’t agree. I’d lived through his escapades and knew exactly how terrifying that would’ve been for everyone. Although, they did seem somehow more at ease, more distracted. The bouncing lights seem to have settled.

We pranced around the room enjoying the cuddles and pats even as various figures seemed to be speaking grumpily at us. Something wafted through the air. It cut through everything else in the air: sharp, sweet, toxic. Fear shot through us. We were shaking, our tail between our legs. The figures around us were whispering consolingly, but we couldn’t hear anything. There was only one solution.

We ran.


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