Part Three

Photo by Ahmad Dirini on Unsplash

They had the wake at the house. The Dog was trying to get me to focus on various things around the room, specifically the ball, in the hopes that I would throw it for him. He whipped his head around, but it was a few moments before I sensed the blurs coming towards us. They erupted into the room, jerking back and forth, flashes of energy bouncing off them. A dull weight began to settle. The lights were dizzying, darting through the heaviness around us.  The Dog let out a bark which shook the blurs, but the heaviness stayed.

One blur in particular drew my attention. Its colours flashed vibrant and at odds with each other. Polar opposites simultaneously adding and subtracting from the crushing mass in the room. I focused, and found myself beside one of my sisters. Her eyes were red and puffy, and someone was saying something to her. A story about something I had done when I was alive. For a moment, she slipped out of focus and I saw an explosion of lights surrounding her, and then they imploded, curling back into each other and sucking the space they had created with them. I saw her face, now stained with tears, and vanishing ghost of a laugh. She glanced at the paper in her hand as she tried to support herself on the railing and the last trace of happiness disappeared.

I reached towards her, and suddenly, The Dog was there. He looked at me.


I moved towards her again, but he stood his ground.


I tried to reach out to her one more, but The Dog began to growl. My sister snapped around and looked at him. I heard the dull echo of words and murmurs and watched as she reached out to The Dog. He leaned against her, and she wrapped him in her arms. He gave her a kiss, and I felt the air around us shift. It was still heavy, still full, but it wasn’t oppressive.

I forced myself not to move towards my sister, to fight everything in me and watch while she wept into The Dog’s shoulder.


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