So this review will be very brief. Essentially it was crap. I went in with no expectations and it still managed to fall short. So here was why I didn’t enjoy the movie:

  1. There was no semblance of a plot, just lots of ideas about maybe where the story could go that never actually came to fruition. It was a bit like watching lifts while you’re waiting for them to wait only to watch them perpetually skip your floor, except that that probably would’ve been more entertaining than the movie.
  2. The acting was stony and lacklustre at best
  3. The CGI was abysmal. There was no weight or any sense of physics. In 2016, in a movie based on a game, there really is no excuse for CGI that looks like it was from the early 2000s
  4. Every single main human character was white. Yes I know there was the token black general. HE WAS NOT A MAIN CHARACTER
  5. Nothing made any sense and everyone lacked any semblance of motivation



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