The Defining Moment

Photo by Jimmy Musto on Unsplash

So this has been something on my mind a lot. The whole idea that we have this moment that helps us be who we “really” are and then that’s sort of it and we plan from there. The defining moment of our life, of our journey. The thing that I’ve come to realise is that we don’t have just one defining moment. We don’t just have one true self and one true course. We keep growing and changing. We have moments of complete and utter clarity, moments of total fog, moments in between and all of that makes up what we become. We never stop growing or changing. Holding on to plans and futures… Well nothing is engraved in stone. Life isn’t the road you want to take. It’s a series of hurdles and random lanes and sometimes you retrace the same road eight times but each time it’s different because you’re different. What I’m saying is that the pressure to commit to who I am and what I want is overrated. That changes and it always will. There are anchors to the person I am at my core and those won’t change. But planning out my life to a t without being willing to change or to adjust to a new road? That’s just holding back. That’s being scared and using the defining moment is an easy way to do that. So let’s have all the moments and embrace them. Have something to work towards but don’t worry if you change that goal. It’s part of life.

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