The Yolonda

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

She was a gorgeous ship. Not a large obtrusive thing like her brother or sister, but small and sleek. Her mast rose proudly into the night sky, and her boom swung soft in the wind. The gold letters on the side spelled out her name: Yolonda.

The moonlight helped guide the man towards her. He wasn’t a thief. He drew up beside her, taking in the beauty before him. He climbed onto her, running a hand along her. His fingers traced every inch of her, caressing her fine finish. He burst through the door to the cabin. He punched the mattress and pillows. He drank the liquor from the shelf and washed it down with snacks from the bar. He left her insides pillaged as he went back on deck and climbed into his dingy.

He cut her moorings and watched as the tide took her.

Weeks later they found what was left of her, smashing itself on the rocks. The only thing they could salvage were the first four letters of her name: YOLO

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